Contact the airports in Johannesburg or Cape Town before you book any tickets. Here you will find listed all the local airlines that you would normally not encounter on popular flight-booking websites. This trick will open the doors to low-cost itineraries and cheap two-way travels.

Flights to South Africa - How to get the best deals


Booking a cheap flight to South Africa could be a difficult task, especially if it is during high season. This is a major tourist destination favored by travelers worldwide. Therefore, if you are planning a holiday in Cape Town or Johannesburg you should buy the airline tickets with many months ahead. Here are just a few tips that will get you the best deals on a flight to the southern white beaches of Africa.

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Get local airlines for your flights

When traveling to Africa it is better to avoid the large airline companies from Europe or North America. These services are constantly overwhelmed by tourist demands, so the prices are always high. Contrary to general opinion, the local African airlines are cheap and safe to fly with. You will find some of the best deals for air travel with companies from Egypt, South Africa and Morocco.

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The best flying deals to South Africa

Book a ticket as early as you can. Airlines sell their cheapest tickets first, so you can get a great deal if you buy them with at least 20 weeks in advance. If you plan to visit South Africa this summer, then it is a good idea to reserve your seats now. Even if your holiday plans change in the meantime, you will still lose less money than you would by ordering them with only one month ahead.

Buy your flight ticket to South Africa on holiday dates. The best flying deals can be found on days like the 25th or 31st of December. Surprisingly enough, even superstitious dates, like Friday the 13th of any month offer cheap airline tickets.