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Algood Caster Innovations is the largest caster manufacturer in Canada exporting their casters to the United States Mexico and beyond At Algood's 80 000 square foot Toronto facility they do all of their own metal stamping injection molding assembly engineering and LANSING - Caster Concepts is pleased to announce a faster and more efficient line of casters the 55 and 57 Series These new kingpinless casters can handle loads up to 1 200 lbs by distributing downward pressure over a larger area reducing cost and increasing longevity

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Polyurethane Casters : Low-Speed VS High Speed Special care must be taken when choosing a polyurethane material casters for food grade applications First it must be det Continue reading 17 Aug Casters can be designed to meet the ergonomic needs of an industrial or automotive plant setting which typically means floor condition

Algood Caster Innovations is the largest caster manufacturer in Canada exporting their casters to the United States Mexico and beyond At Algood's 80 000 square foot Toronto facility they do all of their own metal stamping injection molding assembly engineering and

High capacity casters rated at 850lbs load capacity are strong enough for the heaviest workloads Ergolastomer MaxRok and Ductile steel wheels are among some of the strongest load bearing wheels around Available in 3 wide treads for extra heavy duty applications gives you the ability to safely make even the heaviest equipment mobile

Serving all types of industry Industrial Caster Wheel Co carries a complete line of light duty institutional casters as well as heavy duty industrial casters designed to perform in the most extreme applications On our website you will find caster solutions for virtually all of your needs

2020-2-5The new 10-mph speed-rated Spinfinity XC Casters and Renegade Wheels are designed for heavy industrial applications with load requirement ranges from 1500 lbs to 17 500 lbs "Too many try to push their industrial casters beyond their typical 3-mph rating to no good end

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2020-8-19Newco Industrial Services is proud to be the United States distributor for Raeder Vogel wheels and casters Since 1946 Raeder Vogel has been manufacturing high-quality wheel materials for a variety of applications As the distributor we can offer our customers a wide range of wheel treads and industrial casters for in-plant transportation

Industrial Doors ann Flexon high speed doors are designed for industrial and commercial applications and are ideal for manufacturing companies food processing plants and warehouse facilities Manufactured in the US our high speed doors are designed to Reduce costly energy consumption by improving environmental control

2016-5-10If you're looking for high-speed casters in normal temperature environments then there are even better choices to make! Polyurethane Wheels Polyurethane is a polymer which is built to contain high-strength carbamate links These wheels are flexible but durable enough to maintain their shape even after a high-speed impact

Casters are found in numerous applications including shopping carts office chairs and material handling equipment High capacity heavy duty casters are used in many industrial applications such as platform trucks carts assemblies and tow lines in plants Generally casters operate well

This high speed single phase electric chain hoist offers the ability to lift heavy loads with ease and precision Light compact and powerful this hoist can be easily installed transported and offers high lifting speed Features include double braking system for added protection heavy-duty

High Speed Slicer Bulk Slice and Apply onto an Oven Belt or Conveyor The High Speed Slicer is ideal for food processors that need a high quality bulk slicer to precisely slice and apply directly onto an oven belt or conveyor Our patented AccuBand razor sharp strong band blades cut through product cleanly and consistently

High Speed Casters For Industrial Applications The 55 57 Series are an excellent choice for production racks and fixtures part bins conveyor systems and all applications where maintenance speed and ergonomics are concerns Caster Concepts is a leader in manufacturing industrial casters

The casters in our catalog are rated to normal walking speeds (3 mph has been set by the industry) There are many different applications where speed becomes an issue There are AGV's tugers and forklifts that are used to push and tow different types of carts in many different applications If the cart is being towed at a high rate of speed


Pegasus Casters and Wheels is a subsidiary Brand of Blickle Rder + Rollen u Co KG headquartered in Germany and represents a broad legacy of imperial measurement commodity and engineered solutions for the evolving United States Caster and Wheel market The US market for wheels and casters is undergoing a transformation

Choose RWM for Custom Casters The applications for custom casters are virtually limitless No matter your needs you can turn to us with confidence knowing we'll help you place an order for the perfect industrial casters We have been in the business since 1935 and never stop introducing new innovations and custom solutions for our customers

High Speed – It is important to note that all casters will flutter once it hits a certain velocity and is excited at its natural frequency In most applications involving industrial casters and wheels the wheel is not balance and lends itself to fluttering There are a number of

They also can bear more weight than light-duty maintenance-free plate casters These casters are suitable for applications where they will be moving at high speeds or where shock loads need to be reduced to protect sensitive loads such as high-speed towline equipment in automotive and manufacturing plants

Casters assume usage indoors at normal temperatures Be sure to use suitable wheels as well as fittings and lubrication for use in special temperature conditions such as freezing or high temperatures or in special environments that may be acidic alkalic salt chemical etc Also note that the wheel material may stain floor surfaces