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Clean the thread of the compressor shaft before screwing on the clutch plate – After tightening check and if necessary correct the gap between the pulley and clutch plate → Chapter Note The thread of the new clutch plate is pre-greased at the factory with a pre-determined quantity of a specific grease q 2020-8-15The objective is to replace the AC clutch on the car Remove the AC compressor's front and rear bolts only Lift the front of the compressor up to clear the top radiator support Maintain the compressor in that position by placing a block of wood between the front of the compressor

Compressor Clutch Replacement Procedure

2020-2-13compressor housing Installing Clutch on Compressor Replace the complete clutch to ensure full performance is achieved and warranty requirements are met Step 1 Compressor Preparation A Clean compressor nose of all dirt grease and debris Check for evidence of oil leakage from compressor front seal and through bolts Repair or replace

2010-3-72005 ODYSSEY - A/C Compressor Clutch Overhaul Special Tools Required A/C clutch holder Robinair 10204 or Kent-Moore J37872 or Honda Tool and Equipment KMT-J33939 commercially available 1 Remove the center bolt (A) while holding the pressure plate with a commercially available A/C clutch holder (B) 2

The compressor clutch is a large electromagnet that when energized draws the clutch plate into the clutch pulley The magnetic field holds the clutch plate tightly against the clutch pulley as long as current is supplied to it This in turn engages the drive pulley to the compressor input shaft causing the shaft to spin When the compressor

2011-10-11For the ACDelco A/C compressor P/N 1136521 the clutch pulley/bearing parts are: Clutch: P/N is 15-40048 Cost: $62 10 (Autopartstomorrow) Pulley: P/N is 15-20038 Cost: $111 85 but doesn't include the bearing (from autopartstomorrow) Pulley/bearing assembly: P/N is 15-4615 Cost $117 77 (autopartstomorrow)

Inspect for excessive wear including grooving in the A/C clutch disc and hub or A/C compressor pulley that is more than fingernail depth Inspect for roughness in the A/C compressor pulley bearing Clean the A/C clutch field coil and the pulley bearing mounting surfaces CAUTION: Do not use air tools

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When the clutch air gap wears to a certain level the clutch coil can no longer pull the clutch plate tight enough to fully mate with the pulley That results in slipping screeching and poor cooling To check AC compressor clutch air gap simply insert a feeler gauge between the clutch plate and pulley

Remove the center nut while holding the armature plate (A) with the A/C clutch holder (B) NOTE: Do not hammer or pry on the rotor pulley to remove it Using a hammer damages the A/C compressor If the rotor pulley is difficult to remove use a commercially available pulley removing tool

2018-12-28Aquiver Auto Parts New AC A/C Compressor Clutch Hub Pulley Coil Bearing Repair Kit for Mazda 3 2004-2009 5 2006-2009 Cx-7 2007-2008 Universal 5 Groove Pulley 2 offers from CDN$127 99 Santech Industries MT2021 Air Conditioning Clutch Bearing

2016-1-14Reassemble the clutch in the reverse order of disassembly and note these items: Install the field coil with the wire side facing down and align the boss on the field coil with the hole in the compressor Clean the rotor pulley and compressor sliding surfaces with contact cleaner or other non-petroleum solvent

2013-8-21I got mine all apart and found that the pulley and clutch itself had worn down quite a lot There was no removing the old bearing without breaking the pulley as the metal was really thin I ended up going to a junkyard buying a whole used compressor and raiding it for the pulley and clutch plate

2015-5-10That being said your clutch looks like hell and if it's loose it's bad Your course of action is correct in that you can replace just the clutch if that's the only problem The only thing that stops you from that is having the clutch/pulley bearing seized onto the compressor nose which seems to

2020-2-13C Slide the rotor/pulley assembly (4) off the compressor (1) nose If rotor/pulley assembly is hot and will not slide DO NOT FORCE! Allow the clutch to cool and then proceed D Remove field coil assembly (2) Step 4: Removal of Field Coil Assembly (2) (All compressors except HR980) A Separate electrical connection and if

2013-1-7For anybody out there who has a noisy/bad AC compressor clutch I'd like to throw it out there that you can replace the clutch without removing the compressor and draining your freon Cost a total of $85 verse around $120 for the clutch + freon The install/removal tool is JUNK the threads

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have the a/c compressor checked the a/c compressor might be locking up due to wear and bad bearings one way to test is to try turning the compressor clutch while the ENGINE IS OFF if the clutch is very hard to turn or won't turn at all by hand then the compressor is bad the clutch is what turns the pully the pully should spin freely the compressor clutch is on the end of the compressor

2019-9-20Position center screw against the end of compressor shaft 3 Hold body of remover with wrench and turn center screw into remover body to remove clutch hub assembly INSTALLING PROCEDURE: 1 Ensure frictional surface of clutch plate and rotor is clean 2 Align shaft key with shaft keyway and place clutch plate and hub assembly on compressor shaft

2017-9-237 Using the A/C clutch holder from the A/C Compressor Kit T/N 07AAF-000A150 remove the center armature plate nut For more information about removing the A/C compressor clutch refer to theTech2Tech segment titled "Safely RemoveThat Rotor Pulley with the A/C Compressor Kit " 8 Remove the armature plate and the shim(s) Save

2008-5-23GM Tech on Mon May 19 2008 2:30 PM Last Saturn I worked on had the pulley bearing spill all its balls on the floor when I took the clutch driver off- so it was a worn out pulley bearing- grinding with or without a/c-- that entire clutch assembly can be replaced- but your will need the clutch puller tool to remove that pressed on spline clutch driver- I had to fashion my own- took over an hr

2018-12-28The Compressor Clutch is a Large Electromagnet That When Energized Draws the Clutch Plate into the Clutch Pulley The Magnetic Field holds the Clutch Plate tightly against the Clutch Pulley as long as current is supplied to it This in turn engages the Drive Pulley to the Compressor Input Shaft causing the shaft to spin When the Compressor

2018-10-11I took the opportunity to clean everything before re-installing Re-install the entire clutch system back onto the compressor and I simply reversed the process from above using the air wrench to seat the pulley system over the shaft and drift key Once it was snug I torqued it by hand to 25lbs

2009-11-93) Press clutch plate onto compressor until clearance between clutch plate and pulley is 094 (2 38 mm) Install and tighten shaft nut to 20 ft lbs (27 N m) Using feeler gauge ensure air gap between clutch plate and pulley is 022- 057 ( 56-1 45 mm) HARRISON A-6 6-CYLINDER SHAFT SEAL R I Removal 1) Remove clutch plate and hub Pry out

2009-8-21discard refrigerant oil from compressor 2) Using Clutch Plate Holder/Remover (J-41384) remove clutch plate nut washer and clutch plate from compressor drive shaft Remove clutch pulley snap ring and shim Using a plastic mallet gently tap and remove clutch pulley Remove clutch coil wire retainer from compressor

2015-12-9It just holds the outer clutch plate with the rubber It does not hold the pulley on With the bolt missing you should be able to slide the clutch plate off but don't loose the shim washer inside In fact put a tray beneath in case it sticks to the compressor then drops off In fact I don't know why the clutch plate has not fallen off

2020-8-19The clutch has a friction plate located next to an electromagnetic coil When this is activated a current passes through the coil creating a very powerful electromagnetic force (EMF) This EMF draws the coil towards the friction plate engaging the pump rotor and consequently runs the compressor