Cape Town is at the top of the list of the cities that you should visit on your trip to South Africa. Given its rich immigration history, it seems to be the reflection of the European continent. Located between Table Mountain and the shores of the Atlantic, this city has much to offer you.

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South Africa offers you many places to visit and enjoy unique experiences. Cities like Durban and Cape Town offer an impressive physiognomy and let you dive through the history of an admirable culture. Ask the assistance of your skillful escort to create an itinerary that allows you to transform this trip into an adventurous and stimulant experience.

Make your vacation in South Africa memorable and enjoy all the attractions it has to offer

You can begin your exploration in the area of Waterfront, a sector of the port totally renovated for the families with higher incomes. In this zone, you and your striking escort can taste the most exquisite food specialties at the best bars and restaurants. Then you can take a ride on your luxury transport and appreciate the architecture and the main features of this city.

Explore the vibrant nightlife and see how South Africans party accompanied by head-turning Netherlands escorts at Long Street. Enjoy the excitement at the rhythm of the best music on the best discotheques of the city.

Discover the historic heritage of this culture by visiting the magnificent museums of this metropolis. Let your favorite smart escort from EROS share with you some interesting facts on your visit to the Sixth District museum. There you will find out how many families of different races and religions lived peacefully until the time of apartheid. It has been established on one of the houses that survived such chaotic period.

You could also visit the Castle of Buena Esperanza, which has been built between 1666 and 1679 with the aim of defending the city. As every chateau, it hides fascinating ghost stories that probably are very well known by your lovely escort. Given her experience and wide knowledge of the culture she can share with you some legends related to this architectonic jewel.

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Durban is another city that has gained popularity since the World Cup of 2010. From the point of view of the urban plan, it has some aspects similar to Johannesburg. Take a ride through the most attractive neighborhoods and appreciate the improvements made on this town. The Netherlands escorts from http://nl.eros.com/ can advise you regarding the most reliable companies where you can hire luxury transportation for tourists in order to enjoy the best of this metropolis.

At Port Elizabeth you can appreciate English style architecture. Much of its coast was modernized allowing the establishment of the route 67. It unites many works of art representing the political life of Nelson Mandela.

Let your striking Netherlands escorts take you to the Boardwalk Casino and Entertainment World. Enjoy the artificial lagoon and the amusing distractions this complex has to offer surrounded by the most stunning ladies.